An Offline Digital Library

This project automatically configures a server for a Digital Library. Client computers for students/users are then installed through PXE netboot. The server contains a number of offline educational resources, together with the full Ubuntu software repositories.

This documentation is intended for technicians working in the field to deploy and maintain such Digital Libraries.


This is a WORK IN PROGRESS Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic) version. It does not work yet.


This project captures the efforts of FAIR in Malawi. As the number of ICT centres steadily grows, the project adds more efficiency and is improving its architecture to accomodate development of new features and future management of individual centre setups.

Fundamentally, these scripts deliver a fully-automated self-configuration of a default Ubuntu desktop to transform it into a server for the ICT centres, provided that it has access to a data drive containing a copy of the Ubuntu repositories. The server provides a fully functional Ubuntu repository combined with TFTP services for installing client desktops.

Offline resources

In addition to LAN-managed installations of Ubuntu, the server can also provide a range of contemporary offline projects, such as KA Lite and Kiwix, together with an Intranet-like service that collects the various resources for internet browser access.

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